Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Have So Much In Common With Me

This is not just me being contrary, Mary. I don't know what most people are talking about. Or why. And I have little or no interest in the lion's share of it.

Here's the thing: As with a lot of people, most of my waking hours are spent at work. I work with two other people. That's it, two people, no one else is around. Most of the shift is spent with a pair of earbuds screwed into my head, sometimes with nary a word uttered for hours. Wait, did I mention I work midnights? Yeah, and it's great.

So I live in my own little corner of the world. Then when I come home, I'm alone. When I wake up I spend maybe two hours with my wife, then it's off to work again. And so on.

On the offchance that I mix with other people in a social setting, I try to keep it light. Light, airy & brimming with kicks, laughs & jovial witticisms. Because it appears that my views - especially - ESPECIALLY - when it comes to matters of the world - are quite singular. How can it be that virtually all of the people I see in those social settings possess views that I consider reprehensible? Is it me? Because it sometime seems like it is. They certainly make me feel like it's me.

Maybe it's my insular daily routine. Maybe it's that I have the same morals and ideals I had back when most of these other people had the same ideals, but since then they've had a change of heart. And that's being kind.

I hate talking about work with people. But I understand why people do it, since we've established the fact that most of your time etc. But honestly I don't give a shit about your job. I also hate talking politics because of the reasons previously stated. What's left, religion? HAH! That's the one thing no one (including myself) has any interest in discussing.

I'm a card player. And a smoker & a drinker.

I have had so many experiences where people have strongly - STRONGLY - voiced their choice on something and ... wow, have I gotten off topic.

Back to my original thought: I don't know what people are talking about.

But I do know this: we are NOT going to turn into a socialist country. Don't be an asshole. To be honest that's the thing I hear most from these people I come in contact with. Yeah, it seems really bad now but didn't you ever have to clean up after your dog took a shit on the rug? OK then, you know what I'm talking about.

Now cool the f$#k out.


Mel & Dan said...

Yes, people are funny. They can shove their views down your throat incessantly, then you (finally!) go off just a bit when you’ve had enough and you're suddenly anathema. I've actually had that happen several times - by both the lefties and righties (they really are next to identical in their hypocrisy).

No, we'll not be a totally socialist country like the right wingers fear, but Obama has shown me that he's no second coming (not that I ever thought he was), and, more disappointingly, he's simply a smarmy, egomaniacal power grabber like all the rest (how can people not see THAT).

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss …

Mel & Dan said...

I thought you'd have something BIG on MJ?!?

fat 'n sassy said...

Hey (this is Dan at Maw's House). I asked her if you had it out with someone who used to be n the col side and went righty (based upon this blog)and she sad it could have been Larry's email or pear - he done went Alex P. Keaton on you, eh?

Well, sorry for my rant - I certainly have suffered form that crap myself.

But I am pissed at Obama (about his lack of natural gas talk - something that had me voting for him). We need to make some $$ not just print it or our kids are screwed and theirs will become slaves.

The Intl said...

this is EXACTLY what I was talking about when I said "what if he doesn't fix your pet problem right away?" Say what you want everyone, but I'll take him ANY F#%KING DAY over what we HAD.

But I am fed up with the celebrity shit.

fat 'n sassy said...

oh you boys! when you get old you won't give 2 shits about anything too much except why you get up to pee 4 times a night.

Mel & Dan said...
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Mel & Dan said...

Ah, but off-shoring hundreds of billions per year in the form of foreign oil (and thinking we'll have 100 foot solar panels on bikes to get around as our "solution") is really everyone's "pet problem."

He's gotta' get into the real world - as do all his disciples. Yes, he'll double solar & wind so we'll go from under 2% of our energy needs to maybe just under 5% - in a decade or so (need I comment on this ridiculousness).

Yes, he may still prove to be better than what we had (and will that be the new Democrat mantra?), but if he does nothing of significance to help and simply prints and spends a couple trillion, I'd be skeptical ...

I wonder how it's a solution when you're badly in debt to go CRAZY into debt by geometric proportions - especially when there is no real idea how to make the $$ back?

Give me a printing press and I can show you a GREAT time for a while. Of course, Reagen was a pro at this as well and the Bush boys were no pikers, so, both sides suck.

Ask any person, country, whatever who followed this course of action and I think you'll hear that it's the payback that's the bitch.

I'm still hoping for the best with Obama. He could be massaging things through having to work with his own party's crazies and, perhaps, he can really move forward in time. But if he doesn't do much, I figure he is half white, so the lefties may at some point be able to bring themselves to say he was at least half wrong ...

Mel & Dan said...
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Mel & Dan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mel & Dan said...

Sorry for the deletes - I type quicker than I can think.

Actually, my PERSONAL pet project is:

I want bidets installed at our local (and possibly all) state parks - their drinking foutains are always so weak that it will serve double duty ... or is that dooty.

He better come through.

The Intl said...



WHO GETS YOUR VOTE NOW - SHOOP? (everyone knows it's in his kiss)

fat 'n sassy said...

i'm telling ma on you guys.