Sunday, June 28, 2009

Four Dead In Ohio (and elsewhere)

I don't care about Michael Jackson. I don't think I ever "cared" about him. He started out in the early 70s but will forever be representative of the '80's.

(a whole big giant paragraph deleted. some things are better left unsaid.)

Farrah Fawcett & her nipples never thrilled me. I never used her as a "prop". I was more a Joan Collins/Grace Jones guy.

Billy Mays: what can I say. Quite a ball player.

Sky Saxon - Sky "Sunlight" Saxon - grew into a reclusive strange-o as his legacy progressed. In 1966 his band The Seeds were all over LA and will forever be linked with the Sunset Strip crowd that also spawned Love, The Doors and Buffalo Springfield. Saxon left us with a number of great songs, most notably "Pushin' Too Hard", today revered as one of the original garage "nuggets". When I first started getting into the internet I came across Sky Saxon's email address (I don't know how), and sent him a gushing missive. And he replied, which I printed out & have it put away in my archives somewhere.

Now...back to our regularly scheduled program.


fat 'n sassy said...

did you know he was hit on the head by overhead baggage the day he died? the plane he was on blew the front tires out while landing.... i smell a big lawsuit!

Mel & Dan said...

I liked Farrah – AND grace (she was hot in Conan) AND Joan. My fetish was ALL and ANY!

I remember TV guide (or the Detroit News version thereof) actually had a schedule of when Farrah would appear on some goofy commercial – I can’t remember what the commercial actually was, but there was a table (like a full page) and all the 10-? Boys would be waiting for this ridiculous thing to come on. It was the first time I experienced such media hype. If I had only known what would follow …

But, thinking about that, aren't these Internet kids so much luckier with their sneaking in some nudies? Every imaginable fetish! No more JCP catalogs for them … but, alas, maybe they have missed something. They’ll never know the joy of, 2 pages of full figured gals ... 1-2 pages of petite little things in the padded section ... sheer (panty) heaven (was that a shadow?).

I’m heading to mom’s tomorrow to see if she still gets that thing …