Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'll be going now

The time has come to take a hiatus from the slang-fest that is GGMSW. I have many last-minute tasks to attend to. Shave the head, loofa the feet, cut the nails, and (sob) hang the bike up. It didn't get used very much this season. And of course guilt is part of my make-up, so I'll be obsessing about it for awhile. Until the meds kick in.

Quite possibly in a month or so I'll be back, both here & on Facebook, to delight and astound with my spot-on insights and bullshit opinions.

And now, let the show begin.


fat 'n sassy said...

sob sob...

how will we all survive without your snark for 2 months?!

remember, put your best foot forward.

Mel & Dan said...

Why can't you post? Do you type with your feet?

I'd think you'd be on these things more.

Don't be too upset - you guys had your 5 days of summer anyway from what I've heard from people up there.